CLink Media is a new member of CEPIC

CLink Media, Inc. (CLink) builds authentication and licensing tools to facilitate legitimate use of online content. CLink is developing a platform for peer-to-peer licensing of online content including authenticated images and other online media. The license and rights status of the online content are tracked in a searchable registry available to the public. CLink is […]

Vectors of trust

Few excerpts from the cover of the technology webinar CLink presented with Adobe and the New York Times. CLINK outlined a “comprehensive metadata framework capable of facilitating content registration, assignment, licensing and monetary transactions for all media types including images“. One task of the system is to check the authenticity, … , the other is to license. […]

CLink Media becomes a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

CLink Media, Inc. has become a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) – a collaboration launched by Adobe, The New York Times Company, and Twitter last year. CLink Media intends to contribute to the CAI ecosystem by providing: ISO-compliant certified archives as a content authentication tool a comprehensive, interoperable metadata framework capable of facilitating […]

CLink Presents with the New York Times and Adobe on Content Authenticity at CEPIC

The CEPIC technology webinar will provide an introduction to innovative tools that preserve the integrity of digital visual content, from provenance to authorship. SPEAKERS:Scott Lowenstein, R&D strategist at the New York TimesAndy Parsons, Director, Content Authenticity Initiative at AdobeJanos Farkas, Founder & CEO at CLink Media This webinar is aimed at press photo agencies, photojournalists, stock photo agencies, professional […]